Thursday, July 09, 2015

Can't A Man Just Order Electric Without An Upsell?

I'm moving next week. I need to arrange for utilities at the new place. So I called the power company. That experience wasn't too bad at first. It was at the end when things got ugly. First, the rep asked me if I wanted to hear about "green energy". I said "No, thank you." The rep kept going, something about "we have a lot of green energy initiatives..."

I said "No, thank you. Anyway, will it cost me more?"

"Well, for most people it's about $20 more."

"Then, no, thank you."

When "green energy" can compete in the market on its own two feet, great. I'm not paying more for it though.

Then I get asked if I'd like to be transferred to another call center that can help me set up services and find me savings. On the surface, that sounded like a great idea, although I was thinking they'd help me figure out who to call to arrange for water. I was naive.

I end up in a phone call marathon with a guy who is trying to upgrade my Comcast service. I figured we'd arrange to transfer that ourselves. He keeps telling me about all these channels he's going to hook me up with.

I keep saying I don't give a crap about channels. I mostly watch Netflix and Hulu on my Roku. And I don't think in terms of channels anyway; I think in terms of a few shows I enjoy watching. I don't care about HBO and Showtime and the sports channels are as useless to me as the Ophrah Winfrey Network. I just want a fast Internet pipe so Netflix doesn't stall.

Then he says they need to run a credit check. I said "I'm moving in a week. I can't have any inquiries on my credit report right now."

"OK, we can do it without a credit check for $100."

"I'm moving in a week. I don't have an extra $100 right now."

I ended up getting off the phone. I asked if I could call back later.

But seriously, all I wanted to do is make sure the lights and air conditioner work when I move next Wednesday. That's it. I didn't want a "green energy" pitch or to pay Comcast any extra money.

It's getting to where you can't conduct business with ANYBODY without them trying to upsell you or sell you products from one of their partners. 
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