Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Ryan Holiday on Voice and Video Texts (And He's Right)

Ryan's thoughts: If You Do This, You're A Monster

Ryan is right. When voice and video text features started rolling out on my phone, I immediately thought "What use could I possibly have for this?" I still haven't figured it out. But Ryan has. It's to annoy people far worse than not capitalizing words, shortening words, and using poor grammar:
Let me get this straight. You think you’re so important than instead of spending 5 minutes assembling your thoughts into coherent and clear sentences, you thought it’d be better to send an unedited 3 minute stream of consciousness audio file that we, as the recipient have to download and listen to? Instead of actually calling and interacting with someone like a human being, you thought it’d be better to just record it and lob it over.
I often wonder that about people who have to shorten words. Do they think they sound cool? Are are they two lazy to pronounce the extra two syllables in "conversation" and have to shorten it to "convo". Yeah, two syllables is that much more work. It must be exhausting.

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