Friday, August 28, 2015

Narcissists and Shootings

Michael Trust, author of How To Deal With Narcissists, analyzes the recent Virginia reporter shooting from that perspective.

It takes very little to get along with most people. Most normal people can even fake civility with those they don’t like – and do it plausibly. If you are nice to someone, and notice they are intolerable in return, that is prima facia evidence there is something very wrong with them. If it is that noticeable, that you can’t ignore it, then that is a sign that they are not in control of themselves, and anything could happen.

The scary thing about a narcissist is that they will work to undermine you, maybe even kill you, while trying to appear normal to your face:

They will not choose to confront you directly, in honest competition. They will seek to get the upper-hand, and confront you only in such a way that you are powerless. The thought of losing to you is unbearable to them, and they will do anything – even the unimaginably craven and cowardly, to avoid it. They may try to catch you unarmed, when they have a gun. They may put something in your food, while pretending to be your friend. They may take years to do it.

I read Michael's book earlier this year. I found it very insightful, and it helped me understand some events in my own past. I've come across a few narcissists in my time, and this understanding helped me close out those chapters, which up to reading Michael's book, never made sense.

How to Deal with Narcissists: Why They Became Evil, How They Think, and Strategies and Techniques to Take Control
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