Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A Reason I Largely Ignore The Media

Vox Day hits it on the head:

Spacebunny and I once had dinner with a pair of legitimately famous journalists. I mean, one name you would recognize and the other is on a first-name basis with Hollywood's A-list. After dinner, she commented that she couldn't believe how shallow their knowledge was. And that's the dirty little secret of the media: they have a surface knowledge of many things and that knowledge barely scratches the surface. 
Ask them about anything, from Swaziland to the internal mechanism of the Austrian Business Cycle and they will claim to "have heard of that". In their world, this passes for fluency, if not perfect mastery. 

I'm not above reading an article once in a while, if it promises to be interesting. Often, it's not.

I was watching some Donald Trump interviews yesterday while waiting for a service call. I'm amazed at his ability to handle himself with them. They'll ask a question, let him get three words out, and start interrupting right away, never letting him finish. I can't believe how patient he is with them, never losing his cool. They keep citing projections from people who are frequently wrong, never checking the validity.

Or think about Megyn Kelley in the Republican debate. All the problems America is facing, and the best she can do is "Are you part of the war on women?" Doesn't she have any idea how many female executives Trump has employed? She's probably never looked into it. He doesn't fit her narrative, so she tries to attack him.

Hardly any of these people are worthy of attention. They have no idea how irrelevant they are.
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