Thursday, October 22, 2015

ROK: Why You Should Boycott the NFL

Return of Kings had a post up yesterday about why you should boycott the NFL. I'd love to participate, but maybe not for the reasons given. It would be hard for me to boycott the NFL, because I've been effectively doing it my entire life.

I've never in my life been able to get into sports. Sure, I can throw a ball around in the yard. I have a fairly decent throw and have taught my children how to throw. But trying to watch a game bores the living shit out of me. I saw an analysis recently that said in a 3 hour game, the ball is only in play for a total of 11 minutes. No wonder it's so boring for me.

Mark Dice says sports fans are more easily amused than a dog. "He's got the ball! He's got the ball!"

The reason ROK's writer gave to boycott the NFL is that a player's father is dying of cancer, and he wants to wear something on his uniform to raise money to help. The NFL has strict uniform regulation (except for pink ribbons because they sold out to women), and he's being fined severely.

Reasons I would give to boycott the NFL, besides all the pink and boredom, are:
1) The NFL is a multi-billion dollar non-profit.
2) The NFL is a monopoly. There is no competition for the NFL.

Stefan Molyneux explains it far better than I can:

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