Saturday, November 07, 2015

"Professional" Journalists Make Things Up- Less Accurate Than The Onion

An article I linked and commented on yesterday turned out to be made up.

Politico‘s Kyle Cheney admitted that he fabricated a negative story about Ben Carson. At least, according to his own standards, he admitted the grievous journalistic sin.
In a story published early on Friday, Politico’s Kyle Cheney authored a piece headlined “Ben Carson admits fabricating West Point scholarship” with a subhed “Carson’s campaign on Friday conceded that a central point in his inspirational personal story did not occur as he previously described.”
There were at least five major problems with the story:
  • The headline was completely false
  • The subhed was also completely false
  • The opening paragraph was false false false
  • The substance of the piece was missing key exonerating information
  • The article demonstrated confusion about service academy admissions and benefits
But other than that, A+++ work, Kyle Cheney and Politico.

Just goes to show once again that you can't trust the media. Sooner or later, they will discover how irrelevant they are. And hopefully will go out of business.

Remember back in about 2003 or 2004 when Dan Rather completely made up a report on George W. Bush being AWOL during his National Guard duty?

I suppose like an unprogrammed digital clock flashing 12:00, the media could accidentally get something right twice a day. Just assume they have the same credibility unpaid, amateur bloggers like me have. Except I have no reason or desire to lie to you. And I have no responsibility, real or implied.
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