Saturday, November 07, 2015

Cleary Doesn't Watch Debates For About The Same Reasons I Don't

That pretty much sums it up. Presidential debates are a bunch of lying, psychopath politicians lying in sound bites.

At least in this cycle, the Republicrats have two men who have actually accomplished something in their lives: Carson and Trump. Cleary favors Carson, a brain surgeon, which is no easy feat. I'm kind of hoping Trump turns out to be something. Trump has balls, and gets things done. And his projects are almost always done on time and UNDER budget. Trump is not a typical establishment guy, although he runs in those circles, so it remains to be seen whether he'll sell out to them, or knock them into line.

And the Demonicans are running somebody with military experience: Jim Webb, an Annapolis graduate and U.S. Marine Vietnam veteran. As a veteran who has been deployed to a war zone, I get so sick of hearing these draft dodging political psychopaths playing fast and loose with sending troops into war zones. None of them have been in the military, none of their families have been in the military, and none of their friends have been in the military. It's totally abstract to them to commit soldiers, sailors, Marines, and airmen to combat action where many will not come home, or will come home maimed for life.

But Webb is not going to make it. The writing is on the wall: either Hillary or Sanders, people who have done nothing outside of law or politics their entire lives. They've never run a successful project onto anything resembling a schedule or budget.

The biggest problem with our political system is the hope so many have of getting "the right person in office". I explored that about a year and a half ago.
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