Thursday, November 12, 2015

Why Are People Still Obsessed Over SD Cards?

From my experience, the #1 reason people reject the idea of buying an iPhone (besides "I hate Apple") is: it doesn't have an SD card.

I heard the same thing when I got my Note 5 a few months ago "Well, I like the Note 5, but it doesn't have an SD card slot, so I went with another phone."

Why? To me, an SD slot was useful back in the Windows Mobile days, when the phone MIGHT have 128 MB on board if you're lucky.

When a phone has 64 GB of storage, plus all the cloud storage available, why do people still obsess over SD cards?

For my Note 5, I have 1 TB of OneDrive, 5 GB of Dropbox, Amazon Drive, Google Drive, and so on. I also bought a USB to Micro USB cable, so I can connect an external hard drive or thumb drive to my Note.

I can get having trouble with a lack of removable battery, but I don't understand why people are still obsessed over having an SD slot. That's like refusing to buy a computer because it lacks a floppy drive.
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