Saturday, November 28, 2015

Apparently, Black Friday Was A Bust

Michael Snyder at the Economic Collapse Blog takes a break from blogging that the collapse will happen next month to comment on Black Friday.

I'd never even heard of Black Friday until I met my ex-wife in 2000. I used to get dragged around for that shopping until I finally started refusing to go.

I was amazed this year at how little people and traffic there were around yesterday. I have my children this Thanksgiving, and decided to take each of them out to breakfast alone. I took my oldest to McDonald's yesterday, which in past years would have been almost a suicide mission. But it wasn't very busy. Then I had to run to Wawa (a mega gas/convenience store) for something, and passed Wal-mart. I've NEVER seen that Wal-mart parking lot that empty, ever. And when I absolutely have to get something at Wal-mart, I go very early on a Saturday morning before the average Wal-mart shopper is out of bed.

I even took my boys to Game Stop, and while there was a line, it was nowhere near as busy as it was on Black Friday last year.

Perhaps it is time for retailers to rethink Black Friday, which seems to get earlier and earlier every year. I was afraid Black Friday sales would start after Halloween before too long, then move all the way to Independence Day.

Besides that, whenever I hear about "great bargains", that just makes me think the crap is overpriced the rest of the year.
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