Sunday, November 29, 2015

Can't Journalists Ask A Presidential Candidate A Real Question?

A GQ Magazine "journalist" scored an interview with Donald Trump. And he pretty much wasted the entire interview asking totally inane questions. Probably the most hard-hitting question dealt with whether or not Trump would nuke anybody else.

 The rest of it dealt with "would you still call people names if you became President" and about his trademark haircut.

Trump mentioned he'd released a lot of policy over the two weeks prior to the interview. Not a single question about it.

Why can't journalists ask actual questions about policy? I suspect it's because journalists don't know much about anything outside of the liberal/SJW Narrative.

A sample of questions I would ask Trump if I were given the chance:

Mr. Trump, I heard you comment in an interview a while back about how it cost the Defense Department over $900,000 to SHIP a part from, I think it was, Tennesse to Texas. That was just for shipping of a single item, not the part cost itself. How would you fix the Defense acquisition process so that doesn't happen ever again?

Mr. Trump, you claim you'd have a strong military. How will you go about this?

Mr. Trump, you mention all the tens of millions of people on welfare. How exactly would you go about getting the majority of them off of it? What about the people who can't or won't get off welfare?

Mr. Trump, you claim you'd bring jobs back to America. How?

Mr. Trump, you've mentioned you have a concealed carry permit. Would you do anything to bring about reciprocity, so people like Shaneen Allen are no longer arrested and imprisoned in the People's Republic of New Jersey despite having a properly issued carry permit from Pennsylvania?

Mr. Trump, you've claimed the Iran deal was a bad deal. What would you do instead?

Mr. Trump, you've said the Trans-Pacific Partnership is bad. How would you get out of it, and what would you put in place?

Mr. Trump, how would you repeal the un-Affordable Care Act (Obamessiah Care)? What would you do instead?

I've watched some interviews with Trump. A typical journalist will ask him a question, then three words into his reply, cut him off and ask another or make a comment on the subject from the Narrative. I would ask a question, then STFU while he answers unless his tries to spin, change the subject, or BS me.

Of all the Presidential candidates, Trump is probably the one who would LOVE to go into the specifics of his plans. The rest of them are empty suits who haven't accomplished anything substantial in their lives. Kind of like the journalists who interview them.

That GQ interview is about all the mainstream "journalism" I can handle for this week. I don't know how people can read this kind of stuff all day.
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