Monday, February 15, 2016

How "Conspiracy Theories" Are Born

Justice Scalia died over the weekend. And they will NOT be doing an autopsy.

I have no idea what happened to Scalia, I assume it was natural, but that is the idea. We don’t know, and the government’s eagerness to break all the rules to avoid acquiring any evidence of what happened is hardly confidence-enhancing. They render the rules meaningless over probable trifles like this. Imagine if one of Obama’s ex-staffers had killed Justice Scalia in the restaurant that night, he called Valerie Jarrett who saw the potential for a scandal, and she called an agent in fedguv domestic intel which she installed in that agency for just such a purpose. Would they break the rules for that? Should they be able to, in a free society?

I can see in the time period between, say, now and the next few years, this will become a topic of everything from books to newsletters to Alex Jones' show.

This is how they start. Look at how botched JFK's autopsy was. No chain of custody. High level government officials in the room trying to rush it. That was 53 years ago, and still a subject of debate.
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