Wednesday, February 17, 2016

RIP, Twitter

I joined Twitter in 2007, long before the masses found it. Twitter's original concept was "In 140 characters, what are you doing right now?" It could be a little cheesy at times, but there were still interesting people to follow and it was possible to keep up.

Eventually the masses joined it. I've been on and off Twitter ever since. People found ways to automatically post repetitive tweets. I usually unfollowed them quickly. Then there were those stupid sites that would highjack your Twitter account and spam everybody else with "Follow me friend I'll follow you back" with a link to the site that hijacks your account. Or "Get more free followers!" Ugh. Then came the hashtags. People abuse those. I've seen tweets that are nothing but a mash of hashtags with no context. They're unreadable.

But I don't think anything will make Twitter more unusable than Twitter itself. Now they're shadowbanning certain people. Considering Twitter is a Silicon Valley company, it's run and staffed by upper class California liberals. You can guess voices they approve of are not getting shadowbanned.

People like Vox Day and Donald Trump are. Twitter is starting to hide their tweets from their followers, mostly because Twitter and its employees disagree with those voices.

I'm pretty sure if an alternative platform arises (and at least one is in the works), and somebody with an audience like Trump leaves Twitter for it, Twitter will feel the departure. Their stock is already in the toilet.

Oh, and apparently, Twitter's employees don't understand social media in the first place. See #3 at that link.

And, as Anonymous Conservative says, Trump probably has standing to sue Twitter for interfering with his campaign.

This would fuel the conservative desire to fight, expose Twitter to legal discovery and embarrassment, promote supporters like @Ricky_Vaughn99@Chateaumissary, and@VoxDay, highlight all the Americans who are fighting the machine to support Donald, highlight the corrupt machine doing everything it can to hurt Donald, maybe get Donald’s campaign a settlement with some equal time in the form of free twitter advertising, and be one more example of where the Donald is taking the fight to conservative’s enemies in ways nobody else would dare.
It would also be free media galore, because it would feature Donald suing Twitter for something embarrassing that Twitter doesn’t want exposed. It would lead every newscast. I’m sure just the thought of that would have Twitter’s asshole in a nervous pucker. After that, watch facebook go out of its way not to fuck with the Donald.
I doubt they took that into account. Like good liberals, they've probably never read a single one of his books, where he clearly states that when you hit him, he hits back. He has an entire chapter in "Think Big and Kick Ass in Business And In Life" called "Get Revenge". He lays the entire program out.

Think Big: Make It Happen in Business and Life
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