Wednesday, March 09, 2016

IoT Is A Giant Security Risk

From the first I'd heard of it, I could not get excited about the "Internet of Things". I still can't get my head around why my refrigerator and toaster need an IP address or a connection to anything but a 120 outlet.

Anonymous Conservative dives into how IoT can be used to kill you:

As everything gets networked, and networks all connect to the internet, everything will be subject to control and exploitation. As technology progresses, you realize even Orwell and Huxley never dreamt that a government functionary in some basement office of an intelligence agency could remotely access an infusion pump in a hospital on the other side of the nation, and reset it to deliver a lethal overdose to someone his agency has officially classified as a troublesome little prick.
That should make you feel safe.

Then of course there are people hacking into baby monitors and security cameras in homes.

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