Friday, November 18, 2016

Boycotts Are Getting So Complicated...

UPDATE: Although numerous such links are flying around about the PepsiCo CEO's statement, it has been brought to my attention that the quote is false. My first reaction was to figure "Who cares? I'm not a journalist; nobody is paying me for this." But that would make me no better than John Stewart and what's his name Oliver, who engage in political commentary, then when somebody calls BS on them, they make a statement like "My show is followed by puppets making prank calls." But I believe (and am trying to teach my boys and stepson) that integrity and trust have to be worked hard for, and can be lost in an instant. Maybe never earned back.

So I did some fact checking, and it turns out the statement is fake. Even the sites that quote her and infer it are mistaken, and I don't want to be one of them. The PepsiCo CEO did make some leftist comments about her employees not feeling safe, which I consider ignorance on their part, but mostly harmless. All they have to do is listen to Trump's own words; he's the most pro-gay President in history.

As more and more people are waking up to how dishonest and corrupt the "mainstream" media is, plenty of allegedly conservative, libertarian, and alt-right sites are popping up all over the place. Many of them are proving to be just as bad, as if they're part of some COINTELPRO disinformation campaign, which wouldn't surprise me.

The actual video referenced is below. I am separating out my original post with a line, and will let most of it stand with fact checking added in and the profanity cleaned up while I'm at it.

PepsiCo's CEO went on a rant a few days ago, and said she doesn't want business from Trump supporters. <UPDATE: This turned out to be false.>

Actor James Woods is happy to join in. As am I. <UPDATE: As false, I am rescinding my boycott of Pepsi products.>

But this gets complicated. Apparently, Gatorade is a PepsiCo brand. So is Cheetos. And Lays. And Quaker. I like those. I don't care about the high fructose corn syrup water; I avoid it for the most part anyway.

Fine; I'll switch to Power Aide if I have to. And Utz has plenty of processed cheese flavored corn product stuff to buy. Don't want my business, PepsiCo? You've got your wish. I don't have any Pepsi stock to sell, but I can quit throwing pocket money in your direction.

I've had no problem boycotting Starbucks. I've known for years that godless company actively works against my interests through every identity I hold: Christian, man, American, family man, father, veteran, etc.

And I have no problem boycotting Target, although I used to like shopping there. The ONLY reason I didn't get caught in their cybersecurity breach in 2013 is because I was going through a divorce and couldn't afford Christmas presents. Otherwise, a large portion of my shopping would have been at Target. Anyway, I don't go there anymore. I don't want my identity and credit cards stolen, I don't want to be asked to apply for a Target credit card, and I don't want my friends' daughters molested in Target bathrooms.

But according to the same list, Chick 'fil' A is listed as a Coke product, as are Subway, Five Guys, and Red Robin. Coke gave millions to the Clinton Foundation, which rather than being a charity, financed the Clintons' lifestyle, $3 million to Chelsea's wedding, and apparently pedophile human trafficking. I don't want my money going to those things. And my wife is addicted to Coke. She can't get off it.

I'll tell you what; if Sam Adams ever shows up on one of these lists, I'm going to cry like Hillary's campaign staff. I can only hope God Emporer Trump starts some trust busting activity like Teddy Roosevelt to break some of this crap up. That way it's easier to tell which brand will work against your personal interests and which won't.
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