Friday, November 18, 2016

Wikipedia Is Replicating Infogalactic

When I got into work this morning, a discussion with a coworker led me to a joke that was put on Wikipedia. If I went to the Wikipedia page for our organization, and clicked on an "other links" for a guy we used to work for, I'd get a surprise.

So I went there, clicked on the link for the guy's name, and was taken to the page for "analingus". Heh, heh, that was funny! So I emailed a friend who also used to work for the guy, figuring he'd appreciate it.

I saw some outdated information, so I went to the same page on Infogalactic and made some quick edits to bring it up to speed. (I was one of the "Original Galaxians", who contributed to the project the day Vox Day announced it.)

Later on, I heard back from my friend, who said he didn't see it.

I went to check Wikipedia, and found the exact edits I'd made on Infogalactic had replicated back to Wikipedia. It was the same page, and unfortunately, removed the "other links" section with the joke on former boss, which was not on Infogalactic.

I emailed Vox Day to ask if they were replicating our changes back. He told me to check the editor, and see if it was a person or a bot.

It appeared to be a bot.

So I assume, for some reason, Wikipedia is replicating changes back from Infogalactic. I think that means we (alt-right) have started to control the conversation. Or the SJWs at Wikipedia are just that freaking lazy and letting us to their work for them.
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