Thursday, November 17, 2016

New Men's Blog: Men Of The West

Vox Day announced Men of the West a couple weeks ago. I started following it right away. It's apparently written by some of his "Dread Ilk", or people who have been following and commenting on his blog for years.

This is a site for conservative/red pill/alt-right men, with a heavy Christian emphasis. One of the writers "Rabbi B", has also written at least one post with a lean toward Christianity.

A post today, Breaking The Dam, is a good one.

Have you noticed how unhappy America seems to be?   Have you noticed how, in spite of the fact that they have been given everything they asked for, women are more stressed and more unhappy than they have ever been in America?  Why? 
Because for generations people have been told that they want something that they really don’t want at all. 
That’s why so many professional women end up quitting their jobs as soon as they have their first baby.   And believe me…  it happens.  It happens a lot.  It happens so much that a local vet I know has stopped hiring female vets, because he has had so many quit after just few years of work.  The truth is, that if given the opportunity, most women would rather be staying at home raising their children and keeping the house than toiling over Power Point presentations in some God Forsaken cubicle.   But very few of them realize that is even a choice.  Through the education system, public shaming, and even in some cases converged churches, the left has eliminated that option for far too many women.   And it was done so deliberately. 
There is a giant dam of misinformation that is holding back the flood of Western values.

Check them out if this is the kind of writing you've been looking for.
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