Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Operation Cukoo to Oppose Operation Chokehold

I posted yesterday about a Fake Steve Jobs initiative to get iPhone users to consume lots of bandwidth on AT&T at 3 PM EST. AT&T calls it irresponsible. They would. I saw a post on The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) today about an opposing operation called "Operation Cukoo."

If I were drinking coffee at the time, the opening paragraph of the post would have made me spit the coffee all over my monitor:

In what sounds like the title of the worst Bruce Willis movie ever, a
group of pro-AT&T Facebook users are up in arms about Operation

"A group of pro- AT&T Facebook users..." That's almost like saying "A group of Pro-IRS Facebook users formed to oppose an income tax protest.

I don't like AT&T. I also didn't necessarily not like AT&T until they started complaining about iPhone data usage. I checked my iPhone's status, and I've used a grand total of 2 GB worth of data since early April. That's WELL under the 5GB "unlimited" data per month I pay for.

It's hard to imagine being "pro-AT&T". AT&T isn't exactly our enemy, but they are a megalithic oligopoly publicly traded telecommunications company. They aren't exactly our friend.

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