Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Two Minutes Hate: Red Robin Edition

I'm thinking of a new feature I'll call "Two Minutes Hate". I already have the explaination written in a draft I haven't posted yet.

So, Red Robin apparently has a commercial where they compare vegetarianism to a teenager girl going through a phase. Cool!

So naturally, vegetarians, who make up approximately 5% of the population, are pissed off.

Like all Two Minutes Hate, I'm sure this will die down and be forgotten when the next Two Minutes Hate comes around.

My commentary: I obviously have nothing against vegetarians and vegetarianism. But damn, these people are capable of some seriously pious behavior. They also have little sense of humor when it comes to their pious and holy lifestyle, as this installment of Two Minutes Hate shows.

I've never eated at Red Robin. Might have to try it.
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