Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Entertainment, Opinions, and Time

Lately, Facebook has been bombarding me with movies, TV shows, and books, asking if I've watched/read them and how I rate them.

It's amazing how my opinion has changed over time. A movie I once thought was the greatest ever, I now consider so cheesy I can't stand it. I once would have given it 5 stars, now it gets 1 or 2.

I loved the show "Family Ties" when I was about 12. I would probably barf myself to death if I had to sit through it now. Likewise, at 12, MacGyver was my hero. When I try to watch him now at 39, I think he's a pussy.

I once thought Forrest Gump was an awesome movie. When I got to my second ship in 1995, most of our conversations were littered with quotes and quips from the movie, like "I got shot in the but-tox". (Side note: we had a guy on that ship who talked almost exactly like Forrest Gump, so we started calling him "Gump" as a nickname. He had never seen the movie. After about 2 years, he finally did see the movie, and almost kicked the ass of the next person to call him "Gump". The funny thing was, even though he talked like Forrest Gump, he was freaking brilliant. We found out he had a degree in bio-nuclear astrophysics or something hard like that.)

Now I'd rate Forrest Gump at 2 stars. It's become passe.

Saved By The Bell is another example of a show I once loved but would never tolerate now.

A question I'm struggling with is, how do I rate these? Do I rate them as I saw them when I first watched them? Or do I rate them as I see them now? I've been going with now.

What shows or movies did you once loved but now cannot stand?
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