Tuesday, February 10, 2015

How Do You "Misremember" Not Being In A Helicopter That Got Shot At?

I pay little attention to the mainstream news, and I'm about 2 weeks behind in my independent media podcasts. But I've been hearing rumblings about Brian Williams taking himself off of NBC Nightly News over some scandal.

Vox Day has a post giving some details. He didn't source his quotes, so I'll just use the quotes in his post.

On Wednesday night, the world we live in became a confusing and unfamiliar place and most of us wandered the land not knowing what to believe when Brian Williams admitted that he was never in a chopper that was hit by RPG fire in Iraq in 2003. Brian was actually safely traveling in a different chopper....
 After getting called out on the lie he told, Brian said in Wednesday night’s broadcast of the NBC Nightly News that he “misremembered” the whole thing.

I don't get politicians and mainstream "journalists". I just assume they're all psychopaths and narcissists, but still, how do you "misremember" an incident like that? It's like a few years ago when Hillary claimed she'd been under sniper fire until people checked the facts and discovered that no, she wasn't.

It's easier to assume everything these people say is a lie, and that they can't be trusted.
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