Thursday, August 20, 2015

An Economic Case For An Imaginary Relationship

Aaron Cleary examines "waifu" and crunches the numbers.

His conclusion? It can cost the average man up to $720,000 to find a wife. This isn't just drinks and dinner, but also the opportunity costs, time, and sanity.

Consider not just the various financial, time, labor, and opportunity costs associated with finding a quality real world girl.  Consider the lack of drama and the mental pain associated with having an "imaginary girlfriend."  Not only do you save yourself $700,000 in explicit and implicit costs, you also save yourself; 
Being stood up, Being shot down, Drama, Temper tantrums, Girls cheating on you, Girls leading you on, Bi-polar freaks, Feminism, Blue ball
and every other form of scourge and fire-laden hurdles you and every other man had to jump through during his teens and 20's.

Then, of course, calculate the lost time and opportunity if you find a wife and the marriage fails. Cleary doesn't have experience with that. I'm not as diligent as he is, but I can speak from experience how being stuck in a bad marriage and being forced into a divorce can set your ass back on your goals, health, and finances among many other things.

It is survivable, though. And I have mostly recovered.

I don't advise you to life your life strictly by the numbers. Many people see that "It can cost over $200,000 to raise a child" and decide not to have them. That's based on a lot of assumptions though, which are easy to work around and overcome. You don't have to buy a $600 crib and $40 onesies that MAY be worn once if the child doesn't outgrow that size before you get to it.

It's the same with wife hunting. When I dated, I usually made it a point for the first date to do something that doesn't cost money or is inexpensive. Meet at a park and take a walk, or meet for coffee (not expensive stuff like Starbucks). Some guys advise you not to pay for dinner until after she has put out. I typically wouldn't pay for a serious meal until the 3rd date or so.

I guess if I were in my early 20's today, waifu or sexbots would probably seem like an attractive option. I'd rather have an abundance mindset and game though. They'll get you farther in life.
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