Thursday, August 20, 2015

Collapse Fatigue

I tend to follow blogs like The Economic Collapse Blog. They're usually interesting. But after years of reading predictions of when there is supposed to be a stock market crash or the collapse of the dollar, I realized I'm starting to experience fatigue on this subject area.

Michael Snyder has written a lot of posts about the possibility of a crash this fall (2015). That time is approaching.

The problem with predictions is they normally don't come true. I read something early last year where Porter Stansberry predicted the collapse of the dollar in July 2014. The dollar is still going.

In July, 2010, when I used to listen to Alex Jones, he put out a "Red Alert" predicting a war involving Israel "within 2 weeks!" I'm still waiting.

I'm glad I don't make predictions very often. It's embarrassing to be that wrong in public.
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