Monday, January 02, 2012

Top Posts for December

I don't normally bother with a top posts blog post. I have one post I wrote for this blog in April 2007 that has been my all-time top drawing article ever.

In April of 2007, my wife and I attended a presentation at Sundance Vacations. I wrote a post for my blog about it the next day. That single post has been my all time top read ever since. It's drawn a lot of comments, and I've been emailed and contacted over Facebook because of it. Although inexplicably, most of the email has gone to my Yahoo! account, which I've never published. I've had a gmail account since about the time I started this blog.
(77 for Dec)

Besides that top drawing post, I wrote a post last week about my favorite books, that actually pulled in a record number of views in a short amount of time. (62 for Dec)

And another short term record holder is a paper I wrote for a class I took and posted on my blog. It's about using virtual worlds like Second Life to facilitate telework. While researching the paper, I discovered there were few similar ideas available, so I redacted specifics from my paper and posted it.  (46 for Dec)

My fourth top post for December is another one I can't explain. After the first iPad was released, I logged onto the University of Phoenix's eCampus, and discovered iPad users could access it. I wrote a post about it. I did not have an iPad at the time. That post is another top draw, and frequently shows up in my top five for some reason. (39 for Dec).

And my number 5 post is another I wrote that seems to draw a lot of traffic for some unknown reason. Nobody seems to stick around to read anything else, so I assume they come in from Google, look at it for a second, and leave. My mortgage used to be serviced by HSBC. I hated them. They were a soulless monster and dealing with them made me miserable. I threw a party when I refinanced out from under them. OK, it was mostly me drinking while my wife rolled her eyes. (29 for Dec)

I had no comments at all in December. It's been a long time since I've had a single blog comment. I think the last one was a friend of mine.

I'm certainly able to write posts that bring in a lot of visits, but not so much in generating long term readers.
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